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At Arkedo International School, we are proud to offer the Romanian National Curriculum, enriched with our signature Arkedo pedagogy. Our educational philosophy places a hefty focus on immersive learning experiences, promoting an inquiry-based and hands-on approach. We inspire our students to ignite their curiosity and embark on explorations of the world around them.  

Our classroom spaces are more than just rooms, they are dynamic learning environments, thoughtfully crafted by our passionate team of teachers and learning assistants to encourage an interdisciplinary learning journey. This method facilitates an interdisciplinary style of learning, where students are empowered to connect and apply knowledge across different subjects. The core of our unique learning structure and pedagogy is based on the principle of learning by doing, where experiences inside and outside the classroom serve as the primary vehicle for education. 

In our School, we are dedicated to the holistic development of every student. We believe that achieving academic excellence is especially important, but we are equally focused on creating opportunities for significant social and emotional development. Our aim is to cultivate a learning environment that is not only academically enriching but also emotionally supportive and engaging, preparing students to thrive as proactive and thoughtful members of both their local and global communities. Through experiential learning, we ensure our students gain not just knowledge but also the skills and attitudes necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern world. 

English Language

English language class is like opening a treasure chest full of stories, games, and secrets of communication. Imagine being a language detective, uncovering the mysteries of new words, phrases, and how to use them to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. You will dive into a sea of stories, from tales of far-off lands to adventures in your backyard, learning how to tell your own tales along the way.  This journey is not just about learning to read and write; it is about unlocking your imagination, playing with words, and discovering the magic of expressing yourself. You will learn how to weave words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, and paragraphs into stories. You will explore the joy of reading—getting lost in books, understanding characters, and traveling to novel places without leaving your seat.  English class is also about listening and speaking, turning you into a confident communicator, ready to share your ideas, debate your views, and listen to the stories of others. It is a passport to understanding the world and letting the world understand you. So, get ready to embark on an adventure where every lesson is a step into a bigger, brighter world of communication and imagination.

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Imagine having a magical magnifying glass that lets you zoom in on the tiny wonders of life, from the veins in a leaf to the patterns on a butterfly’s wing. In Science class, you will be a junior explorer on a mission to uncover the secrets of the universe.It is your passport to adventure, where every question is a clue leading you on a journey through the mysteries of the world around us.  In this subject, you will embark on expeditions through the dense jungles of biology, the rocky terrains of geology, and the vast oceans of environmental science. You’ll get to experiment with potions and concoctions in mini labs, creating volcanic eruptions from baking soda and vinegar or discovering how plants drink water.  Science class it is about hands-on experiments, observation, and asking "why" about everything around you. You will learn how to think like a scientist, with curiosity and a keen eye for detail, always ready to test out your hypotheses and learn from the outcomes.  You will understand how the world works, from the life cycle of a frog to the phases of the moon, and how to protect our planet by being an eco-hero. It is all about exploring, discovering, and being amazed by the natural world. So, gear up with your lab coat and goggles, and get ready for a thrilling ride into the heart of science, where every lesson is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Image by Hal Gatewood


Unlock the secret codes of the universe with numbers and shapes. It is not just about adding or subtracting; it is a whole adventure where you get to solve mysteries, build, and understand patterns, and even discover how to manage your treasure (or allowance). You will dive into the world of numbers, explore the shapes of castles and forts, and even predict the future with graphs and charts. Think of it as your toolkit for solving puzzles and making sense of the world around you, from counting your collection of comic books to measuring the perfect jump in a game of hopscotch. It is all about getting comfortable with numbers and having a blast while at it. So, gear up for an exciting journey through the land of mathematics where every lesson is a new quest!

Image by Ying Ge

Romanian Language

In this adventure, you will become a word detective, deciphering clues hidden in sentences and mastering the secret codes of grammar to express your own ideas clearly. You will learn how to weave words into captivating stories, poems, and even craft your own mini books. You will embarke on a thrilling journey through the land of magical words and enchanting stories. It is your ticket to explore the rich tapestry of Romanian culture, legends, and folklore. Imagine learning spells that unlock the meanings of words, crafting your own tales of heroes and mythical creatures, and singing songs that have been passed down through generations.  This subject is not just about memorizing letters and rules; it’s an invitation to a feast of the Romanian language, where every lesson is a slice of the rich cultural heritage of Romania. You will play with words, explore ancient tales, and even perform magical acts of storytelling that bring the Romanian language to life. So, buckle up for an enchanting ride through the world of the Romanian language, where every word is a discovery, and every lesson is a step into a storybook world.

Art & Culture

Arts and Culture is like holding a magic paintbrush that transports you to a world bursting with colours, stories, and traditions. Imagine embarking on a globe-trotting adventure from the comfort of your classroom, exploring ancient civilizations, discovering famous artworks, and celebrating the diverse tapestry of cultures around the world.  This subject is your ticket to explore the creativity of humankind, from cave paintings to contemporary art, traditional dances to modern music. You will dive into hands-on activities, like sculpting your own pottery inspired by ancient techniques, painting masterpieces influenced by artists from different eras, and performing dances that tell stories of far-off lands.  But it is not just about creating art; it is about understanding the heartbeat of cultures around the globe. You will learn the stories behind the art, the music, and the traditions, discovering what brings us together and what makes us unique.  Arts and Culture class is a celebration of creativity and heritage, encouraging you to express your own ideas and feelings through various artistic mediums. It is about opening your eyes to the beauty in the world and within yourself, sparking a lifelong appreciation for the arts and the rich cultural landscapes they emerge from.  So, grab your magic paintbrush, and let’s paint a path through the wonders of arts and culture, where every lesson is an opportunity to create, explore, and connect with the world in vibrant new ways.

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Physical Education

At Arkedo International School, every day kicks off with Physical Education (PE), underscoring our belief in the pivotal role of physical activity in the holistic development of our students. This morning ritual is not just about warming up the body, it's a foundational practice that prepares the mind and spirit for the day ahead.  Starting the day with PE highlights our commitment to the physical and emotional well-being of our students. Engaging in physical activity first thing in the morning boosts not only their fitness levels but also their mood and mental alertness, setting a positive tone for the entire day. This practice is rooted in the understanding that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind, enhancing students' ability to concentrate and excel in academic activities that follow.  The benefits of this approach extend beyond immediate academic performance. Regular physical activity has been shown to improve cognitive function, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, and increase self-esteem, all of which are critical for the overall development of young learners. Furthermore, this daily routine instills in students the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle as a lifelong habit, reinforcing the values of discipline, self-care, and resilience.  At Arkedo International School, we see Physical Education not just as a subject, but as a critical part of our educational philosophy, providing a balanced approach to learning that values the interconnection between physical health, emotional well-being, and academic success. Through our daily PE sessions, we aim to nurture well-rounded individuals who are prepared to face the challenges of the world with confidence, energy, and a positive outlook.

Building a Robot

Design & Technology

In Design and Technology class you will be an inventor in your own creative workshop. Imagine stepping into a world where you can dream up anything—from futuristic vehicles to your own fantasy castles—and then bring those ideas to life with your hands. This subject is your playground for creativity, where you get to use cool tools and materials to solve puzzles, build models, and make all sorts of gadgets and gizmos.  You are not just sitting and listening; you are up and doing, experimenting with unconventional materials, learning how things work, and figuring out how to improve them. Ever wondered how to construct the strongest bridge using just paper and glue, or how to design a robot out of recyclable materials? This is where those questions get answered.  Design and Technology teaches you to think like a problem solver, with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of engineering. You will learn the magic of turning ideas into real, tangible creations while understanding the importance of planning, designing, and evaluating your work. It is about seeing a problem and dreaming up inventive solutions, then rolling up your sleeves to make those solutions a reality.  So, gear up for an adventure where your imagination is the limit, and every project is a chance to become a master inventor of your mini universe. This subject is not just about making things; it is about making things happen.

Traditional Library

Religion History

In Religion History class, you will be opening a grand book filled with the most fascinating stories from around the world. Imagine embarking on a time-traveling adventure that takes you back to ancient civilizations, introducing you to the beliefs, rituals, and tales that have shaped human history. It is a journey of discovery, where each religion is a chapter filled with wisdom, mysteries, and moral lessons.  This subject is your guide through the rich tapestry of world religions, from the thunderous gods of Mount Olympus to the peaceful teachings of Buddha, the profound stories of the Bible, the guiding principles of the Quran, and the vibrant festivals of Hinduism. You will explore how different cultures seek to understand life, celebrate their faith, and connect with the divine.  But it is not just about learning facts; it is about understanding the heart of these traditions and the people who follow them. You will get to experience the beauty of religious festivals, the tranquillity of prayer, and the joy of community celebrations, all while learning about the values of tolerance, empathy, and respect for diverse beliefs.  Religion History class is like holding a kaleidoscope to the world, revealing the colourful patterns of faith that bind humanity. It is about building bridges of understanding and marvelling at the rich spiritual heritage of our global neighbours.  So, prepare to be inspired by tales of heroes, prophets, and sages who embarked on epic quests, performed miracles, and shared timeless wisdom. This subject is a celebration of our shared human journey, exploring how faith has illuminated the path of civilizations through the ages.

Coding & Computer Science

Imagine being a wizard, but instead of spells, you use code to make characters move on a screen, solve mysteries, or build your very own games and stories. You will start with the basics, learning how computers think and how to speak in their language, using fun, colourful blocks of code that you can drag and drop to make things happen. As you delve deeper into this adventure, you will discover the enchanted libraries of online and offline resources, learning how to summon the information you need with a flick of your wand (or a click of your mouse). This quest teaches you to distinguish between the treasure troves of trustworthy knowledge and the deceptive mirages of fake news lurking in the shadows. But fear not, for you are being trained to develop a shield of critical thinking, enabling you to sort through the sea of information, identifying what is true, useful, and relevant. This crucial skill will guide you through the mazes of digital storytelling, where not everything is as it seems, and the ability to question and analyse is your greatest ally. Through coding challenges, collaborative projects, and digital explorations, you will not only learn to communicate with machines but also to understand the language of the digital world. You will become adept at deciphering the reliability of sources, enhancing your journey with the wisdom to navigate the digital realm safely and intelligently. This adventure takes you through the enchanted lands of algorithms, where you learn to give clear instructions; the forests of debugging, where you will learn the art of problem-solving to fix errors; and the caves of digital storytelling, where your creations come to life. Along the way, you will learn how to work as a team, think creatively, and persevere through challenges. Coding and Computer Science class is your playground for invention, where every lesson is a building block to creating something amazing. It is not just about screens and keyboards; it is about learning a language that can turn your thoughts into reality, change the world, or simply make someone smile with a game or animation you designed.


Music & Movement

Picture a classroom that morphs into a dynamic space, pulsing with the beats and rhythms of diverse cultures. Here, you are invited to express yourself through the fluidity of dance and the resonance of music, exploring the silent yet powerful language that binds humanity.  Through this exploration, you will encounter instruments from whispers to roars and dance moves that range from the gentle sway of the breeze to the vigorous energy of the storm. You will dive into the musical traditions and dances of the world, from the heart-thumping drums of Africa to the gentle strums of a Japanese Koto, and the lively steps of Latin salsa.  Music and Movement is about creating, you will have the chance to craft your own rhythms, choreograph your dances, and collaborate with peers to produce performances that highlight your unique stories. This subject offers a space to explore, to be heard, and to find joy in both the sound and the silence.

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Money Management

Money Management and Entrepreneurship is like being the captain of your own ship on a thrilling voyage through the sea of finance and creativity. Imagine having a treasure map that leads you to discover the secrets of earning, saving, and growing your money, all while building your very own business ventures from the ground up.  This subject is your playground for dreaming big and learning the skills to turn those dreams into reality. You will start by diving into the basics of money—understanding what it is, how to earn it, and the importance of saving for your adventures. You will learn through fun games and activities, like setting up a mini-market, trading goods, and even creating a piggy bank to watch your savings grow.  But it is not all about the coins and notes; you will also step into the shoes of an entrepreneur, learning how to spot opportunities, solve problems, and bring your ideas to life. Ever thought about starting a lemonade stand, a comic book club, or a craft corner? This is where you learn how to make those ideas shine, understanding the magic of teamwork, leadership, and resilience along the way.  Money Management and Entrepreneurship class is about more than just numbers and business; it is about unlocking your potential to make a difference in your world. You will learn the value of hard work, creativity, and smart decision-making, setting the foundation for a future where you are not just earning money but making a positive impact.  So, get ready to set sail on an exciting journey of discovery, where every lesson brings you one step closer to treasure islands of your own making. It is a world where your ideas have the power to change your pocket money and  even the world.

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Life Wise

Life Wise (Wellbeing, Information, Sex, Education) is a subject designed to guide you through the maze of questions about health, relationships, the internet, and growing up, providing clear, age-appropriate information to help you understand yourself and the world better.  In this subject, "Well-being" is all about learning how to take care of your mind and body, discovering ways to stay healthy, happy, and resilient. You will explore the importance of exercise, balanced eating, and expressing your emotions in positive ways.  "Information" arms you with the knowledge to safely explore the digital world, teaching you about the internet, how to use it wisely, and how to stay safe online. It is like learning to be a digital superhero, protecting yourself and others from the villains of the online universe.  "Sex and Education" at this stage is about understanding the basics of human biology, respecting differences, and appreciating the value of friendship and kindness. It gently introduces you to concepts of respect, personal space, and the diversity of families in a way that is appropriate and engaging.  LifeWise class is like having a guidebook to life, filled with practical lessons, engaging stories, and interactive activities that prepare you for the journey ahead. It is a safe space to ask questions, learn about the changing world, and develop the skills to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and curiosity.  So, get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, learning not just from textbooks but from real-life stories and activities that equip you to become a wise, well-rounded individual. LifeWise is here to help you grow, understand, and navigate the adventure of growing up with knowledge and compassion.

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